Landscape Supplies Center

The Landscaping Supplies Contractors and Municipalities Need All-in-One Place

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Sod & Soil

Enrich your gardens and flowerbeds with nutrient-rich soil. While you are at it, ensure your green space is green with quality sod. 

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Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is a great option when you want a perfectly manicured lawn or to mitigate traffic damage on high-use lawns or fields. Made to last and maintenance-free, lawn care has never been so easy! 

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Winter Supplies

Tackle snow and ice this Winter season with quality ice melt and sanding materials. Keeping your property clear of ice and snow has never been easier!

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Clay, Gravel & Sand

Whether you need clay, gravel and sand for levelling and foundation work or a more aesthetically pleasing project, our selection will surely fit your needs. 

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Bark & Mulch Chips

Help your garden or flowerbeds thrive this season with bark and mulch chips. Our selection features naturally great products that are sure to enrich your plants. 

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Decorative Rocks

Beautify your gardens, driveways, walkways, and more with our colourful and stylish decorative rocks inventory. Available in numerous shapes and sizes for every design project!

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From Alpine Pine to Schubert Chokecherry and more, add some stunning greenery to your property with our selection of trees suited for our harsh Alberta weather conditions!

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Edging, Stakes & Fabric

Tackle any landscaping project this season with our edging, stakes, and landscaping fabric inventory. These are the tools and accessories you need to get your project done right! 

Enter the ProZone for Landscaping Supplies

If you’ve been searching for quality landscaping supplies for your next contracting job or municipal property, you’ve come to the right place! ProZone is proud to offer a wide selection of landscaping supplies for our fellow contractors and municipalities. Moreover, all of our supplies are available for pick up or local delivery. Whether you need ice melt in the winter, new trees to spruce up your yard, or artificial grass, ProZone’s Landscaping Supplies Center is your one-stop shop! Our team is here to ensure you find the right products for the right price. With a commitment to outstanding customer service and quality materials, ProZone is sure that with our help, your next landscaping project will look stunning. 

Since being established in 2009, ProZone has quickly become Edmonton’s premier supplier of landscaping materials and contractor of commercial landscaping services. Our highly experienced and skilled team can assist you in designing your ideal landscaping feature, determining how much material your project will need, and educating you on our products. So this season, don’t let your property look dull; freshen it up with some landscaping supplies from ProZone’s Landscaping Supplies Center. When you require beautiful landscaping materials for your next contracting project, trust the pros at ProZone to have the products you need!