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Enter the ProZone for Municipalities

ProZone is your trusted source for municipal construction services such as asphalt repairs, sidewalk and curb installations, snow removal, and more! Our team uses state-of-the-art commercial-grade equipment, highly trained staff, and the latest and best technology available to ensure your municipal project is completed efficiently and effectively. With municipal services available all year round, ProZone is your one-stop shop for all your municipal construction needs. Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to providing incredible customer service and high-quality finished projects. So when your municipality requires asphalt, concrete, snow removal, or another one of our construction services, trust the professionals at ProZone!

Why Municipalities Trust in ProZone

Numerous municipalities across Alberta rely on ProZone to ensure their asphalt,
concrete, and more are in top condition. Here’s why!

Safety is a Top Priority

At ProZone, safety is our highest priority. With the help of our Safety Officer, ProZone stays up to date with all safety regulations. Through safety measures such as ACSA partnerships, COR certification, SiteDocs, GPS vehicles and thorough training, ProZone ensures that safety always comes first. As members of several safety organizations, including ASCA, Edmonton Construction Association, Workers Compensation Board, Alberta Road Builders and more, ProZone is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and the public throughout every one of our projects.

Environmentally Conscious Services

ProZone is dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment by using numerous environmentally sustainable policies as possible. Our team continuously seeks opportunities to perform our various services with the least impact on the environment as possible. From recycling materials into new construction to properly disposing of refuse and our no-idle policy, ProZone is committed to reducing our eco-footprint one project at a time. 

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Experience You Can Trust

ProZone’s team of tradespeople have decades of combined experience specializing in municipal construction services. Each of our crew members is highly trained and knowledgeable of the latest best practices and techniques before they begin working on your project. So when your municipality needs asphalt road construction, sidewalk and curb repairs, snow removal, parking lot sweeping, or something else, trust the pros at ProZone to have you covered!

Active in Our Communities

At ProZone, we are committed to actively supporting the communities we provide services to. Throughout our years of service, we have helped numerous community organizations by volunteering our time and collecting donations. From supporting other small businesses to donating supplies and services to worthy community initiatives, ProZone has a passion for giving back to the community!

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Since being established in 2009, ProZone has been the Edmonton area’s premier choice for professional asphalt, concrete, snow removal, and several other municipal services. Our team of expert tradespeople utilizes cutting-edge technology and top-notch commercial-grade equipment to ensure your municipal project is completed on time and within budget. With decades of combined construction experience and a commitment to safety, ProZone is your top choice for cost-effective and professional municipal construction services. 

Making an Impact in Your Community

ProZone is committed to providing outstanding construction services to municipalities across Alberta.
Below are some of the communities we’ve proudly served!