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Established in 2009

At ProZone Ltd., we believe in providing you with the best services in the market. As one of Edmonton’s top contractors we are fully equipped with the latest technology and highly trained professionals to meet all your concrete, asphalt, snow removal and landscaping supply needs. Our team can provide you with the necessary construction services for projects of all sizes. We offer cost effective solutions that are resilient to high traffic areas and harsh Alberta climate.

In addition to our focus on safety and training, we are also committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions on our projects, whether it is recycling concrete on removal projects or filtering the dust from concrete grinding.

Having started out our company focusing on concrete and asphalt paving, our expertise in road construction and maintenance is unparalleled. Our services are executed with the highest quality equipment and workmanship in the industry.

ProZone Ltd. Safety

At ProZone Ltd. the safety of our employees, customers, and the public is our top priority. Through our partnership with the ACSA, an extensive external audit conducted by the ACSA, being COR Certified, daily use of SiteDocs, GPS equipped vehicles and our thorough safety training, we show our commitment to maintaining safety as our top priority.

ProZone Ltd. is a member of the following: Occupational Health and Safety Standards, Alberta Construction Safety Association, Edmonton Constructions Association, Workers Compensation Board, Alberta Road Builders, Contractor Check, Comply Works, and Avetta.

ProZone Ltd: 2022 Services

Asphalt Construction

  • Complete paving & repairs
  • Crack sealing & seal coating
  • Manhole & catch basin repairs

Concrete Construction

  • Sidewalk, curb & gutter
  • Slabs, patios, stairs & driveways
  • Stamped & coloured finishes

Base Construction

  • Subgrade prep
  • Geotech fabrics & grids
  • Soil cement

Excavation & Removal

  • Asphalt & concrete removal
  • Site grading, swale & profiling
  • Utility trenching

Rubber Paving

  • Environmentally friendly option
  • 100% recycled material
  • Asphalt & concrete refresher

StreetBond & Thermoplastic

  • Unique & visually appealing
  • Safe & effective

Landscaping & Supplies

  • Landscaping construction & maintenance
  • Landscaping Supplies Center

Full Service Snow Removal

  • Parking lot & sidewalk clearing
  • Sanding & de-icing
  • Snow hauling

Additional Services

  • Sweeping & detail cleaning
  • Line & symbol painting
  • Parking curb installation
  • Eco-friendly graffiti removal via sandblasting


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