3 Things to Remember About Commercial Snow Removal in Edmonton

From freezing rain to heavy snowfalls and extreme temperatures, our Edmonton winter season has many challenges. Fortunately, partnering with an experienced snow removal contractor, like ProZone Ltd., can make dealing with the winter weather simpler. Our team understands the seriousness of having your commercial property clear of snow and ice. Below we’ll discuss three important factors to keep in mind regarding commercial snow removal in Edmonton. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Snow Doesn’t Have a Schedule

In Alberta, we deal with snowfall between October and February, but the weather doesn’t always stick to this schedule. Over the years, we’ve seen snowfall as early as September and as late as April, so partnering with a contractor that’s always prepared is vital. At ProZone Ltd. we take special care to monitor the weather so that we can be on your commercial property clearing snow when it starts to fall. Mother Nature doesn’t take holidays, nor does our team at ProZone Ltd. So regardless if it’s the holiday season or a Saturday night, our team of professionals is available 24/7 to ensure your commercial property is free from ice and snow.  

2. Expect the Unexpected

Monitoring and being prepared for predicted weather conditions is one thing, but being able and ready to act when the weather takes an unexpected turn is another. Fortunately, you can partner with ProZone Ltd. to assist with maintaining, repairing, and clearing your commercial property all year round. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial grade graders, skid-steers, sanding units, sidewalk crews and more. So you know we can handle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way.

3. Treat Snow Removal Like an Emergency Service

Snow removal contractors at ProZone Ltd. take their responsibilities seriously because snow removal can be similar to an emergency service. The reason is simple: if it’s not addressed correctly, snow and ice become a huge safety concern for property owners, customers, staff, and the general public. In Edmonton, commercial property owners can be held liable for accidents on their property that are related to a lack of snow and ice removal. Our team understands the importance of keeping your property clear, and we know that your customers and staff are counting on us to do the job right. 

Partner with Edmonton’s Premier Snow Removal Contractors

At ProZone Ltd., we believe that the proof is in our work; we provide customers with detailed snow plowing and clearing services and daily log books. That way, you can see our team of experienced professionals’ high-quality work. So if you’re looking for complete snow removal services, including offsite hauling, contact ProZone Ltd. today!

We look forward to partnering with you!

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