With warmer weather and sunny skies, now is the time to begin sourcing your landscaping supplies! At ProZone, we are proud to offer a wide range of materials and products at our landscaping supplies center in Edmonton. You can find decorative rocks, soils, mulches, trees, sod, and so much more there. In addition, our landscaping supplies team has the knowledge and experience you need to help you find the right supplies for your landscaping project. Below we’ll tell you more about ProZone’s most popular landscaping supplies and how our team can help you source your required materials. Keep reading to find out more!

Determine the Supplies You Need

When shopping around for landscaping supplies in Edmonton, it’s essential to be prepared ahead of time by determining what and how much supplies you need. Decorative rocks, mulches, and gravel come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. Furthermore, at ProZone’s landscaping supplies center, we offer a range of soils, trees, and more. So before you decide to break ground on your next landscaping project, it’s important to research the appropriate materials you’ll need. That way, you can avoid accidentally purchasing the wrong supplies or ones that don’t fit your final vision. Fortunately, ProZone’s landscaping supplies team has the experience and knowledge to help you determine the best landscaping materials for your project and how much material you’ll need to achieve your final project. Next are some popular landscaping supplies ProZone proudly offers!

Decorative Rocks, Gravel, and More

Some of ProZone’s most popular landscaping supplies are gravel and decorative stones. Many of our Edmonton contractor customers use gravel to create pathways, fillers for planters, or as a decorative element throughout the property they are working on. An advantage of gravel and decorative rocks is that they are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, so you have many options to choose from. So if you want to add a stone or gravel accent piece to your landscaping design, ProZone has the supplies you need to bring your idea to life!

Trees, Sod, and Artificial Grass

Plants and greenery are another staple for landscaping supplies. Trees, sod, and even artificial grass can add a great pop of colour and texture to your outdoor space. Artificial grass is especially beneficial for high-traffic areas as it does not deteriorate as quickly as natural grass or sod. Moreover, it’s also a great option for people or properties with pets as it is more durable and resistant to pet stains. Meanwhile, trees deliver a break from the summer sun by providing shade. They are also a stunning addition to any property. If you have a plan for your next landscaping project, stop by ProZone’s landscaping supplies center to pick up the materials you’ll need to make that plan a reality!

The Landscaping Supplies You Need, Close to Home!

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to begin shopping around for your landscaping supplies. ProZone’s landscaping supplies center in Edmonton is open from the spring until the fall. Our landscaping supplies team is highly trained and experienced with numerous landscaping projects. So if you require assistance determining the best materials for your next project, our team is here to help! Moreover, ProZone’s team can even help you design your next landscaping feature and determine how much landscaping supplies you’ll need for your project.

When you need a knowledgeable source for your landscaping supplies in Edmonton, visit ProZone’s landscaping supplies center today at 15458 131 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, or contact our team to learn more!