Does your asphalt have significant damage that a simple patch job can’t fix? Are you looking for an affordable and environmentally-friendly repair option? Fortunately, ProZone Ltd in Edmonton, Alberta, is proud to offer asphalt pulverization and stabilization services for repairing your damaged asphalt. These processes provide our clients several benefits in addition to being eco-friendly and an economical option. Below we’ll discuss the details of these processes along with their other benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how asphalt pulverization can repair your parking lot. 

What is Asphalt Pulverization?

Modern asphalt recycling uses three main processes: milling, pulverization, and stabilization. These three methods recycle old asphalt and can be used as an eco-friendly alternative for maintaining and repairing new asphalt. Below is a closer look at each of these processes:

Asphalt Milling:

Milling removes parts of the top layer of paved asphalt without disturbing the sub-base. Once that top layer is removed, it’s mixed with new asphalt. Then the new combined mixture is laid over the existing sub-base to create a newly paved surface. The asphalt milling process avoids complete reconstruction, saving you time and money. 

Asphalt Pulverization:

Pulverization is similar to milling but goes further. The asphalt pulverization process grinds up the existing layers of asphalt, including sub-layers, into small pieces. These pieces are then used in the stabilization process. In this process, no material is hauled away, saving time and money on excavating and hauling. Asphalt pulverizing can solve many common problems, such as severe cracking and sharp edges.

Asphalt Stabilization:

Stabilization uses the crushed remains from the pulverization process and changes them into brand new asphalt. For asphalt to undergo this transformation, a combination of binding agents and tar is mixed with the old asphalt. After a few days, the mixture is solid and as stable as new asphalt.

The Benefits of Asphalt Pulverization

Repairing and repaving your asphalt by using pulverized asphalt has many benefits. This recycling process reduces its environmental impact and can reduce the overall cost of repairing your asphalt. Here’s why:

  • Less new materials are used, but it still results in a stable, paved solid surface
  • Less effort and fewer resources are required to remove the old asphalt
  • Works for massively damaged surfaces where spot repairs aren’t possible
  • Extends the life of the paved surface as it results in fewer repairs and repaving
  • Allows time to adjust the asphalt’s base to ensure there are no slopes or low spots
  • Materials stay on-site, so there’s no cost for removal

What is the best part of using pulverized asphalt to repair your parking lot or another surface? This process extends the original lifespan of the asphalt pavement! Asphalt pulverizing makes the completed surface extraordinarily durable and long-lasting, as the intermixing of old materials increases the overall structural integrity. So if you’re looking for a budget and environmentally friendly option for repairing your asphalt, ProZone is here to help!

Pulverize and Repair Your Asphalt with ProZone

At ProZone, we are proud to offer eco-friendly asphalt repair options that are fast and affordable. As one of Edmonton’s top asphalt contractors, we are fully outfitted with the latest technology and highly experienced trades professionals to meet all of your asphalt needs. Regardless of the scope of your project, our team is here to provide you with high-quality service and results. Are you interested in learning more about our asphalt services? Contact us today!