While summer in Edmonton feels like it was only yesterday, it’s essential to be prepared for whatever weather winter throws our way this year. Edmonton commercial property owners are no strangers to dealing with freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. However, protecting your asphalt from rock salt damage can be a different challenge. Fortunately, ProZone is here to help maintain, repair, and protect your asphalt this winter. Below are a few tips to help protect your asphalt this winter and how ProZone can help if damage does occur. Keep reading to find out more!

How Salt Causes Damage to Asphalt

Most property owners in Edmonton use rock salt on their asphalt just before snowy winter weather hits. This way, it helps prevent ice from forming early on. In addition, the coarseness of the salt may also provide extra traction for people and vehicles. While rock salt on its own won’t cause direct damage to your asphalt or concrete, the problems arise during the freeze-thaw cycle. When snow and ice melt, that water and salt mixture can seep inside your asphalt through small cracks and other surface damages. Once that water freezes again, it expands and causes further damage through fissures and cracks. This damage doesn’t have to be inevitable! It can be prevented by following the below best practices and getting help from the professionals at ProZone.

Repair Existing Damage

As mentioned above, ice melt causes damage when water and salt seep into the cracks in your asphalt. So to best protect your asphalt in the winter, take time before the snow hits to repair any damage. While some water and salt seepage are expected, you can ensure more significant deterioration doesn’t occur this winter by sealing cracks beforehand. This is where ProZone can help! Our team of experienced tradespeople can seal, patch, and repair your asphalt before the winter season to ensure your asphalt is ready for freezing temperatures. 

Swap Rock Salt for an Alternative

Rock salt isn’t the only de-icing product you can use to melt away snow and ice this winter. Many ice melters available today are significantly less harsh than rock salt and work just as well. For example, calcium chloride-based ice melt is incredibly efficient and is chemically non-reactive to concrete and asphalt. In addition, this rock salt alternative is also more environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for ice melt this season, ProZone has you covered! Our landscaping supply shop in Edmonton offers various winter supplies. At the same time, our team can assist you in clearing snow and ice away from your commercial property with our snow removal services. 

Clear Snow the Right Way

Standing water saturated with salt is the most significant threat to your asphalt over the winter. The best way to ensure it doesn’t have a chance to settle into small cracks or fissures is to properly clear snow and ice from your property. It’s best to remove snow from your asphalt as soon as possible. That could mean partnering with a snow removal contractor like ProZone to ensure that your asphalt is clear of snow and ice throughout the winter. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to clear your property correctly and is available 24/7. That means in the winter, we can keep your asphalt clear of snow, and in the summer, we can patch and repair any damage that has formed. 

Protect Your Asphalt with ProZone

Protecting your asphalt this winter shouldn’t be a significant challenge. With the help of the professionals at ProZone in Edmonton, our team can assist you all year round in maintaining, repairing and replacing any asphalt on your property. Our team is highly trained and experienced in asphalt repair and installation. So if you need a few cracks patched or a new pathway installed, we are ready to help! Ready to learn more about ProZone’s asphalt repair services? Contact us today