If you’ve been putting off your snow removal contracts until that first significant snowfall, you’re already falling behind. Most snow removal contractors begin planning for their winter season as early as August. However, it’s not too late to reach out to ProZone to secure your snow removal for your commercial property in Edmonton. Our team of tradespeople are highly trained and experienced in numerous aspects of snow removal. So regardless of the size of your property, our team has the equipment and training to ensure your site is clear of snow. By partnering with a reliable contractor for your snow removal this winter, you ensure your property is safe to navigate and compliant with Edmonton’s snow removal bylaws. Below are a few more reasons to sign a snow removal contract with ProZone! Keep reading to learn more. 

Why DIY Shouldn’t Be Your First Choice

While the spirit behind wanting to do your own snow removal is commendable, it’s likely not the best option for your commercial property. Taking a DIY approach to commercial snow removal can cost you significant time and money, especially if you do not have the commercial-grade equipment to clear your site correctly. Purchasing, renting and storing that equipment can quickly become a more considerable investment than you intended. Furthermore, different snow plow blades and equipment will be more effective at clearing snow and ice without causing accidental damage to your concrete or asphalt. In addition, the time and effort required to clear your commercial property fully can be significant depending on the number of properties you own and the size. Partnering with a professional snow removal contractor like ProZone is your best option, as our team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and training. That means we can effectively clear snow from your property without costing you additional time, effort, or money. We can do so 24/7 to not interrupt your business’s operations.

Benefits of Partnering with ProZone

When it comes to snow removal in Edmonton, you want to partner with professionals who are on the ball and ready to work when snow begins to fall. ProZone believes in providing our clients with the best snow removal services. Our commercial snow removal contracts are customizable to fit your business’s needs. We can easily add services if you require sanding, de-icing, or snow hauling. In addition, if your commercial property requires year-round maintenance, landscaping, or otherwise, you can extend ProZone’s contracts for services available all year round! ProZone’s crew is available 24/7 to ensure timely snow removal from your property. That also means that if there are multiple snowfalls over a day, our team will revisit your site to ensure the snow is cleared and not interfering with your business. When you need dependable and high-quality snow removal in Edmonton, ProZone is your best option!

Year-Round Service from ProZone

Since 2009, ProZone has provided commercial property owners and businesses with outstanding snow removal, concrete, asphalt, and landscaping services. Our team prides itself on their ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish various contracting projects within budget and on time. So if you are looking for an all-year-round contractor to keep your property clear of snow in the winter and maintain your concrete or asphalt infrastructure in the summer, ProZone is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our snow removal contracts and other services.