With winter slowly fading into spring, we are getting closer to warm weather, green grass, and bright summer sun every day. After months of frigid Edmonton winter weather, planning your spring cleaning, landscaping projects, and yardwork is a great way to welcome in the warm weather. With the right tools, supplies and knowledge, your property can look green and luscious in no time. Fortunately, ProZone can help you with all of your landscaping supply needs! Below we’ll cover how ProZone’s team and landscaping supply center in Edmonton can help you ensure your landscaping looks fresh and new! Continue reading to find out more!

Your Source for Landscaping Supplies and Support

With spring and summer quickly approaching, now is the time to stock up on all of your landscaping supplies! At ProZone, our landscaping supplies center in Edmonton is open from the spring to the fall. That way, you can access the firewood, sod, soil, trees, and winter supplies you need to keep your property looking great. Our team can assist you with selecting the best materials for your garden, front yard, planters, and more. In addition, if you need assistance determining how much material you need to complete your landscaping project, ProZone’s knowledgeable staff is here to help. We can even help you create and design the perfect landscape feature for your residential or commercial property. When you need a reliable source for all your landscaping supplies in Edmonton, visit ProZone’s landscaping center at 15458 131 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta. 

Landscaping Supplies and Commercial Services

As mentioned above, ProZone’s team can assist you with finding the right landscaping supplies for your project. Our team is also here to help you design your ideal landscaping feature. With a wide range of landscaping supplies to choose from, ProZone’s landscaping supply center in Edmonton is your trusted source for all of your gardening, landscaping, and greenery needs. Some of our most popular landscaping supplies include:

  • Sods and Soils
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Artificial Grass
  • Sand
  • Bark and Mulch Chips
  • And More!

In addition to our landscaping supply center, ProZone is proud to provide commercial property owners with various landscaping services. Our team can assist you with planting and maintaining flower beds and pots, mowing grass, weeding, litter removal, and so much more. With the option for all-year-round contracts that include commercial snow removal, ProZone is your trusted landscaping contractor. That means you can say goodbye to searching for multiple vendors to care for your commercial property throughout the year. So if your commercial parking lot, retail center, or apartment complex requires a team of reliable landscapers, ProZone is here to help!

Partner with the Pros!

Since 2009, ProZone has been Edmonton’s premier supplier of landscaping supplies and incredible commercial landscaping services. Our team is highly experienced and equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your commercial landscaping project is done efficiently and affordably. In addition to our landscaping supplies and commercial services, ProZone also offers several other services, such as asphalt construction and repair, 24/7 commercial snow removal, thermoplastic and streetbond, and more!

Visit ProZone today at our landscaping supplies center, or contact us to learn more about our landscaping services!