Snow Removal in Edmonton is Easy with ProZone Ltd.

In Edmonton, snow is just one of many weather-related challenges businesses and commercial property owners must face. Ensuring your sidewalks, walkways and parking lots are clear from snow and ice is a necessary task to guarantee the safety of your tenants, customers and employees. Luckily ProZone Ltd. is here to help! Our team of highly skilled contractors is available 24-hours a day to aid you in keeping your property free from snow and ice. So stay safe in our brutal Albertan winters this season with commercial snow removal from ProZone Ltd.!

Affordable Snow Removal Services

Clearing snow and ice on your own is an option many businesses and commercial property owners take. However, doing this yourself can be time-consuming and ultimately cost you more money. The equipment required to remove snow and ice adequately can be costly to own. While renting can lessen the burden of owning this necessary equipment, it will still cost you time and money to do the job yourself. Outsourcing this labour to a trusted contractor like ProZone Ltd. is an economical option that guarantees the job gets done on time and within your budget.

The Safest Option

Uncleared snow and ice can pose a risk to potential customers and employees. As the property owner, you can be held liable for accidents due to snow and ice build-up on your property. The City of Edmonton also has a bylaw that holds property owners accountable for clearing snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their land. If you neglect your sidewalks, the City may send an inspector who can issue a fine for not clearing the snow. Ultimately, it pays off to ensure your property is clear of snow and ice as soon as possible after a snowfall.

Leave it to the Pros

Trust ProZone Ltd. for all of your commercial snow removal needs! Our team of professionals is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your property is clear of snow and ice 24-hours a day. We have a fleet of commercial-grade graders, plows, skid steers, snow blowers and more to ensure snow removal on your property is a breeze. ProZone Ltd. does more than just snow removal; we also provide Edmonton businesses and industrial properties with high-quality service throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to patch a crack in your concrete, lay down some new asphalt, or do another construction project, our team is here to assist you! Contact us today and let us take care of your snow removal needs.

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