Across Edmonton, you can find businesses, parks, bike lanes, and more across Edmonton with custom accents and vibrant markings. Did you know that the experts at ProZone can provide you with these stunning markings and accents? At ProZone, we proudly offer municipalities and businesses our durable thermoplastic services. Thermoplastic is an innovative alternative to traditional traffic paint that can improve the overall appearance of your business, parking lots, and more. Next, we’ll review how thermoplastic works and some of its key advantages. Keep reading to learn more about ProZone’s thermoplastic accents and marking services.

How Thermoplastic Works:

Thermoplastic can be applied to paved asphalt surfaces using heat to create highly visible and even reflective markings that are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Typically thermoplastic technology is made from alkyd or hydrocarbon resins and tends to contain a significant portion of premixed glass beads. This combination of materials and the nature of how thermoplastic is installed makes it ideal for asphalt surface applications, especially those surfaces that experience high traffic. Asphalt surfaces deal with a lot of damage from the sun, rain, snow, ice, and general use. Fortunately, thermoplastic is designed to withstand these numerous challenges. This is why thermoplastic is excellent for decorative accents, intersections, and traverse markings like arrows, stop bars, crosswalks, and other symbols. Next, we’ll look at some of the benefits of utilizing thermoplastic.

3 Advantages of Thermoplastic:

ProZone’s thermoplastic services provide municipalities and commercial property owners with numerous benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that thermoplastic is highly durable and is an excellent option for beautifying your pavement. Below are a few other key advantages of using thermoplastic.

Enhanced Safety

One of the greatest advantages of using thermoplastic accents and signage is that it provides your property with additional safety. Thermoplastic markings can be highly reflective, allowing for better visibility, especially during Edmonton’s long winter nights and storms. Moreover, thermoplastic can help alert drivers and pedestrians to areas where crosswalks, loading zones, or reduced speed zones may be present and require additional care and attention. Overall using thermoplastic can help make your property safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.


Another significant benefit of thermoplastic markings is that they last significantly longer than traditional traffic paint. Since thermoplastic is manufactured from durable materials, business and property owners do not need to reapply it as often as conventional traffic paint. Furthermore, this durability makes thermoplastic a great option for parking lots and asphalt surfaces in Edmonton, as it can withstand our harsh Canadian winters and high-traffic use.


Finally, since thermoplastic is so durable and long-lasting, you don’t need to replace it as often as traditional traffic paint. This means you can save significant time and money on beautifying or making your property safer. That means that thermoplastic accents and markings are cost-effective for municipalities and businesses alike!

Go Pro for Thermoplastic Markings!

Overall the advantages of using thermoplastic markings not only benefit you, the property owner but also the pedestrians, cyclists and drivers that use your parking lot or asphalt surface. Since 2009, ProZone has been the Edmonton region’s premier choice for thermoplastic and streetbond, commercial parking lot maintenance, landscaping and more! If you’ve been searching for an alternative to traditional traffic marking paint, ProZone has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our thermoplastic services.