Many businesses in Edmonton will overlook their parking lots as they don’t fully understand the value and impression a well-maintained parking lot brings. The better condition your lot is in, the easier it is for staff and patrons alike to navigate it and the better the first impression it offers. Not to mention, as a property manager, you can be held accountable for any accidents or injuries in your lot, and the risk of an accident increases the more neglected your parking lot is. Regular cleaning and maintenance by a contractor like ProZone goes a long way, but occasionally repainting or resurfacing your parking lot is necessary. Below are a few signs that your parking lot requires a new paint job. Continue reading to learn more about parking lot line painting and ProZone’s commitment to safety!

Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Parking Lot

As a responsible Edmonton property manager, you should be conducting regular inspections to guarantee that your parking lot is in prime condition. Periodic inspections of your lot will help you take preventative maintenance measures to ensure that potential issues and damages are repaired sooner rather than later. One of the most common parking lot maintenance issues is faded parking lines. Ideally, your lot should be repainted or re-striped as quickly as you notice your current paint or pavement decals beginning to crumble and fade. Below are some signs to watch out for:

  • There are several faded lines
  • Your patrons and staff have trouble navigating your parking lot
  • It’s been several years since the parking lot has been re-striped
  • There are visible cracks and potholes
  • Your customers tend to park in your lot haphazardly

If you notice any of the above signs in your commercial parking lot, now is the time to partner with ProZone. Our team at ProZone can assist you with repainting your parking lot lines and maintaining your lot free from damage. We do all of our maintenance and repair work at night so as not to disrupt your business’s regular working hours. We can even do custom thermoplastic and streetbond projects and lot sweeping. While lot sweeping is typically done during your spring clean up our team can sweep your parking lot any time you need it to be cleaned!

As a property manager, keeping your parking lot in good shape is in your best interest. Neglected parking lots can cost you time and money in the long run as it’s easier and more affordable to repair minor damage before it becomes an issue. In addition to cost and time, a neglected parking lot is also a liability as you, the property manager, is responsible for any accidents in your lot. 

Make Safety a Priority

Ensuring your employees, customers, and the general public are safe while navigating your property should be a high priority. At ProZone, we take pride in the high safety standards we set for each one of our projects. That’s why we are partnered with the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association) and COR (Certificate of Recognition). Our team also uses SiteDocs and GPS-equipped vehicles to ensure your project is completed safely and on time. In addition to our partnership with the ACSA, ProZone is also a member of the following: 

  • Occupational Health and Safety Standards
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Edmonton Constructions Association
  • Workers Compensation Board
  • Alberta Road Builders
  • Contractor Check
  • Comply Works, and
  • Avetta

Our team at ProZone understands that safety should always be a priority, no matter the project’s scope. By adhering to strict safety standards and training, our trades professionals can ensure your parking lot is cleaned, repaired, and repainted efficiently and safely. 

Go Pro for Parking Lot Line Painting

Your parking lot deserves to look its best; partnering with the pros at ProZone is a great way to refresh your asphalt or concrete lot. Our team is highly trained and fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure your project is completed on time and with a high level of craftsmanship. So if your parking lot in Edmonton has seen better days, contact ProZone today!