In St. Albert, Winter can come fast; one moment, it’s a beautiful Fall day and the next, you’re buried under a foot of snow. That’s why preparing for Winter well before that first significant snowfall is essential. Not only will preparing ahead of time make winterizing your commercial property easier, but it can also ensure your landscaping will be in good condition come springtime. Fortunately, ProZone is here to help make taking care of your commercial property easy! Our highly trained team can support you in winterizing your property and removing snow the moment it begins to fall. Below we’ll discuss three important ways to winterize your property and how ProZone can help. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Shut Down Your Irrigation System

If your property has a sprinkler system, it’s critical to properly shut down your system before temperatures begin to dip below zero. A failure to shut down your irrigation system and drain the lines can severely damage your waterlines and sprinklers. In addition to the damage, you’ll also have to deal with a costly repair bill come Spring. So save your pipes and sprinklers and properly empty and shut down your irrigation system well before our Canadian Winter takes hold. 

2. Prep Your Plants

Winter frost, snow and ice can take a severe toll on your outdoor plants. Taking precautions before freezing temperatures hit can save your greenery. In the Fall, taking the time to do a final clean-up can help ensure that next Spring, your property is in great shape for landscaping. Wrapping your plants in burlap, erecting snow fencing, cutting the lawn one last time, and cleaning out flower beds and pots can protect your greenery and assist later when the snow melts. A professional landscaping contractor like ProZone can help you prep your commercial property for our chilly Canadian Winter.

3. Get Ready for Snow

Commercial snow removal contractors begin planning for the Winter season well in advance, as early as August or September! So planning ahead by contacting an experienced snow removal company, like ProZone, can ensure your commercial property is Winter ready. Signing a snow removal contract early can help our team get to know your property before it’s covered in snow. That allows us to walk the property, assess it for potholes in your concrete or asphalt, and check for broken curb lines and potential drainage issues. If our team can spot these problems before Winter, we can better address and repair them. Partnering with a reliable contractor can ensure that snow and ice are removed from your property as soon as possible; fortunately, ProZone is here to help!

Go Pro this Winter!

At ProZone, we are proud to offer exceptional snow and ice removal services, so you, your customers, and staff can travel easily. We provide complete snow removal, including plowing, offsite hauling, sanding, salting, and more! Our team of experienced tradespeople is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial equipment. They’re also highly trained to ensure your St. Albert property is cleared safely and efficiently. So if you’re looking for a reliable snow removal contractor this Winter, contact ProZone today!