Street and parking lot cleaning is a pretty underrated practice that occurs regularly in Edmonton’s urban areas. Many commercial property owners and businesses pride themselves on maintaining the appearance of their buildings. However, first impressions extend beyond the front doors. A clean and well-maintained parking lot is crucial to nail that first impression as it’s the first place your customers interact with your business or property. At ProZone, we make asphalt and concrete parking lot maintenance and cleaning simple. Below is a list of reasons why you should be regularly cleaning your parking lot. Continue reading to learn more!

1) First Impressions Count

Your business’s parking lot and exterior are the first things patrons see when visiting your location. The truth is, an unkempt lot can signal to customers that the business doesn’t value itself or its patrons—first impressions matter. So keeping your parking lot clear of debris, oil slicks, and garbage can tell customers that you take pride in every aspect of your business. 

2) Discourages Littering

A clean and well-maintained parking lot can set the tone for proper, respectful behaviour. If an area is free from refuse, people are less inclined to litter as it’s clear that someone is taking care of the property. Also, a clean parking lot can deter rodents and other pests from establishing their territory on your property. Preventing rodents from moving in is essential for several reasons:

  • Rodents thrive in unhealthy environments
  • These pests may cause significant damage to your property by chewing holes and building nests
  • Once mice have established themselves, it can be challenging to get rid of them
  • Pests deter customers

3) Minimizes Pollution

Many local businesses have adopted eco-friendly practices that encourage a healthy environment within their organization and the Edmonton community. Regular street sweeping can keep harmful chemicals, metal particles, and garbage from our sewer systems. Preventing further pollution from draining into nearby water systems, like the North Saskatchewan River, can protect our river valley’s wildlife and natural habitats.  

4) Extends the Life of Your Parking Lot

When cement or asphalt is not regularly cleaned, silt and debris can build up. This, in turn, can cause wear on the surface of your parking lot. Premature deterioration from dirt, sand, garbage and other particles is preventable. Regularly maintaining your parking lot can help prevent minor problems from becoming more significant and costly issues down the road. While ProZone sweeps your lot, we will keep a watchful eye out for signs of early damage like small cracks and potholes; that way, we can patch and repair these minor issues before they grow into a big problem. 

5) Keeps Patrons Safe

One of the most important reasons to keep your parking lot clean and well maintained is public safety. As mentioned previously, debris and garbage can cause your parking lot to deteriorate prematurely. That deterioration can then cause cracks and potholes, which pose a significant risk to visitors and their vehicles. As the parking lot owner, you can be held liable if an accident occurs on your property due to ill repair and lack of maintenance. At ProZone, we can regularly keep up to date with line painting, crack filling, and surface sealing of your parking lot. That way, you and your patrons are always protected, and your parking lot stays in tip-top shape. 

Trust the Pros

ProZone is Edmonton’s premier parking lot contractor! Our team of experienced engineers and tradespeople are fully equipped with the latest technology to meet your concrete, snow removal, asphalt, and thermoplastic/ streetbond needs. Since 2009 we’ve provided Edmonton businesses and property owners with exceptional service and support. Contact us today to learn more about our range of parking lot services!