There are plenty of reasons why your concrete parking lot might break down. While you can avoid many of these reasons, some are inevitable as they naturally occur over time with wear and tear. However, a damaged parking lot in Edmonton is not only an eyesore; it can also be dangerous for customers and employees who are using that lot. Inadequate parking can deter potential customers from coming and stopping at your business. Luckily Prozone is here to assist with all of your concrete needs. Our team of highly skilled tradespeople can ensure that your parking lot is in great shape all year round. From 24-hour snow removal to concrete repair and replacement services, we are sure to get the job done on time and within your budget. Below, you’ll find some common issues to watch out for and tips regarding maintaining your concrete parking lot. Keep reading to learn more about concrete parking lots in Edmonton!

Common Issues

Our unforgiving Albertan climate can cause serious concrete deterioration. Unlike asphalt, concrete is not as pliable, making it less forgiving when it comes to freeze and thaw cycles. Concrete is also susceptible to oxidation from the sun, rain and snow damage, and high traffic wear and tear. These factors make parking lot repair necessary to keep your concrete in shape long-term. Below are some of the common problems your parking lot may encounter.

  • Cracks. Concrete is prone to cracking under extreme weather conditions and pressures. Cold weather can cause concrete to rapidly expand and contract, which leads to damage. If you spot a crack forming, it’s crucial to patch it immediately.
  • Flaking. Due to our winter freeze and thaw cycles, concrete is susceptible to flaking. Flaking is when chips of concrete “flake” off due to the rapid expansion and contraction of the concrete. Flaking can also occur if too much water is used in the original concrete mix.
  • Potholes. Potholes are a common issue many people encounter. They’re caused when significant snow or rain seeps into cracks in the concrete and settle underneath the pavement’s surface. As that water freezes and then thaws, a void is created. Over time a pothole will form as the concrete and soil breakdown.
  • Salt damage. Unlike other paving materials, like rubber paving, road salt can damage concrete. Over time the salt will cause corrosion under the surface of the concrete and cause crumbling or further deterioration. 

Keep a watchful eye out for these common issues when inspecting your concrete parking lot. If you spot a new crack or a pothole, reach out to our team at Prozone, and we can quickly patch and repair the damage before it becomes a more severe problem.

Regular Maintenance Pays Off Long-Term

Your concrete parking lot requires regular maintenance like any routine maintenance you’d do on your home or car. Ongoing maintenance can maximize the lifespan of your concrete and limit the chance of replacement. Below are some typical maintenance duties you should be aware of.

  • Remove oil, grease and other automotive chemical stains
  • Crack sealing
  • Paint line touch ups
  • Regular sweeping and power washing
  • Resurfacing every 2-3 years

At Prozone, our team of professionals can assist you with year-round maintenance and repairs. Whether you’re looking to resurface your concrete parking lot, you’ve spotted a crack that needs sealing, or you’re looking for someone to take sweeping and cleaning off of your hands, we are here to help!

Edmonton’s Concrete Parking Lot Pros

Since 2009, Prozone has been Edmonton’s top choice for concrete repair services. If you’re looking for custom stamped concrete, sidewalk paving, curb stops, repairs or something else, let our team of highly skilled staff help you. At Prozone, we can create hand-formed concrete structures for essentially any cross-sectional concrete profile, including City of Edmonton profiles, commercial properties, industrial sites and more! Contact us today to learn more about our range of concrete services.