When maintaining your parking lot in tip-top shape, a few things are as important as your line and symbol pavement markings. At ProZone, our team can assist you with maintaining your parking lot all year round, including your parking lot lines and symbols. By partnering with the pros, we can ensure your lot looks its best while maintaining high safety standards for your clients, employees, and the community. Below are some key benefits of routine parking lot maintenance, like line and symbol painting, that ProZone offers commercial property owners. Keep reading to find out more!

Improve Visibility

Line and symbol painting is essential even if your parking lot is well-lit. It helps drivers distinguish between parking spaces, loading zones, accessible parking spots, one-way lanes, and more, especially in low visibility conditions. Maintaining your parking lot lines and symbols enhances nighttime visibility and greatly improves visibility during heavy rain or foggy conditions. Moreover, a well-maintained and well-marked parking lot tells your patrons and staff that you value their overall experience with your business from start to finish!

Enhanced Safety

Line striping is critical to driver and pedestrian safety as proper parking lot markings establish specific zone that either group may need to use. For instance, a clearly-defined loading zone communicates to other drivers and pedestrians that vehicles like semi-trucks and transport carriers take priority in that area and that patrons should take special care and caution. This also extends to knowing where crosswalks, parking spaces, no-parking zones, and tow-away zones are.

Meet Accessibility Requirements

Another critical and safety-related benefit of maintaining your parking lot and its symbols and lines is that it helps you comply with the City of Edmonton’s Access Design Guide. This guide outlines requirements for barrier-free or accessible parking spaces and how to mark them accordingly. Failing to ensure these stalls are clearly defined in your parking lot can reduce disabled peoples’ ability to interact with your business and make your lot unsafe for those requiring additional parking space.

Reduce Your Liability

Poor parking lot conditions like faded line striping, potholes, and cracks can increase the risk of pedestrian injuries and vehicular damage. By maintaining your parking lot with ProZone, you reduce your liability as a commercial property owner for any potential accidents in your parking lot; therefore, helping you avoid costly fines or lawsuits.

Maximize Curb Appeal and Customer Satisfaction

Finally, investing in parking lot maintenance and line striping is a great way to improve your parking lot’s curb appeal and customer satisfaction. A well-maintained parking lot reflects the care and attention you put into your business. By ensuring your parking lot lines and more are in top condition, you can attract more customers and keep current customers returning.

Go Pro for Parking Lot Maintenance

If your parking lot is beginning to deteriorate or your lines and symbols are faded, now is the time to partner with ProZone! Our team of highly trained and skilled trades professionals can ensure your parking lot is maintained in top-notch condition all year round. From snow removal to parking lot line painting, sweeping, and more, ProZone is proud to offer comprehensive parking lot maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about our parking lot maintenance services and our all-year-round contracts!