Your commercial landscaping plays a significant role in your business’s curb appeal and the general safety of the public. If you’re a commercial property owner or manager struggling to maintain your landscaping on your own, ProZone is here to help!

At ProZone, our team has decades of combined experience in landscaping maintenance. So you can rest assured knowing that your commercial property is in expert hands. With options to integrate our services into an all-year-round contract, ProZone is your choice for professional landscaping maintenance and numerous other concrete, asphalt, and snow removal services. Below we’ll cover a few essential landscaping maintenance tasks ProZone can assist you with and why they’re crucial for your commercial property. Keep reading to find out more!

Assess Your Property for Signs of Damage

After our long Canadian winters, it’s not uncommon for commercial property owners to discover telltale signs of corrosion. From potholes and garbage to rotten plants and other deterioration, it’s essential to carefully assess the physical condition of your property every spring and fall. During this process, if you uncover signs of damage to your property or landscaping, a seasonal landscaping maintenance contractor like ProZone can help! At ProZone, we can ensure your property is clean in the spring with our sweeping and line painting services. Our team will make sure your commercial property looks professional and neat while at the same time ensuring that any potential risks of further damage or safety hazards are taken care of appropriately.

Remove Hazards Like Branches, Litter and Debris

From broken tree branches and litter to potentially hazardous materials such as needles, or broken glass, ProZone’s highly trained landscape maintenance professionals are committed to keeping your commercial property clear from hazards. Our team proactively removes any dangerous materials from your commercial property to ensure the premise is safe for the public and your employees. Moreover, maintaining a clean and professional commercial landscape ensures prospective customers have a great first impression of your business. Unkept landscaping may give off the appearance that your business is neglected. Still, by partnering with ProZone, our team can ensure your commercial landscape is maintained to the highest standards.

Repair Cracked or Damaged Parking Lots

A neglected parking lot in disrepair presents several safety risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. Many factors can leave your parking lot looking worse for wear, from potholes to deterioration and more. To protect your staff, customers, and the local community, it’s critical that commercial property owners maintain their parking lots. Fortunately, ProZone can help! Our team can assist you with ensuring your parking lot is in top-notch condition. We can even beautify your landscaping too by maintaining your flowerbeds and more.

Turf Maintenance

The end of winter can leave your commercial landscaping looking lifeless and neglected. Well-maintained commercial landscaping not only benefits your business’s curb appeal but can also aid in deterring pests. Mismanaged turf can shelter mice, mosquitos, and other pests, which spells a greater health and safety risk for your staff, clients, and the general public. To best protect your commercial landscaping, it’s essential that you work with ProZone to establish a commercial landscape maintenance program. Our commercial landscaping maintenance services cover a number of tasks, such as litter removal, leaf blowing, planting and maintenance of trees and flowers, and more. So when you need support maintaining your commercial landscape, turn to the pros at ProZone to help!

Ready to Go Pro for Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

Since 2009, ProZone has been Edmonton’s premier commercial landscape maintenance contractor. Our team of trades professionals is highly skilled, experienced, and equipped with state-of-the-art commercial-grade equipment. So no matter the scope of your commercial landscape maintenance needs, ProZone is prepared to get the job done right! Contact us today to learn more about our commercial landscape maintenance services and our all-year-round contracts!