Your parking lot is a vital part of your business or commercial property. It’s more than simply a place for customers, staff, and visitors to leave their vehicles safely. It’s also a space where people get their first impression of your business. Often parking lots in disrepair give patrons a negative perception of your business or property. By regularly maintaining and repairing your parking lot, you can avoid these wrong first impressions and costly repairs down the road. 

Working with a professional and experienced contractor, such as ProZone, can help you ensure your parking lot is in prime condition. By partnering with ProZone, our team can maintain your parking lot all year round, 24/7. Next, we will cover our parking lot maintenance services and contracts. Keep reading to find out more!

Professional Maintenance Services

As a commercial property or business owner in Edmonton, your parking lot’s condition is essential to ensure your patrons, staff, and visitors can easily access your location. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure your property is in top shape all year round. While anyone can conduct a routine inspection, a dependable contractor like ProZone will have an eye for details you may not be aware of. Our team is highly experienced and trained in parking lot condition assessment and can conduct regular walk-throughs to keep an eye on your lot. If our team spots a problem area in your Edmonton parking lot, we have the equipment and training to patch, repair or replace your parking lot. Prozone offers a variety of parking lot maintenance services, including:

  • Spring cleaning and sweeping
  • Thermoplastic and Streetbond painting
  • Sidewalk repair and installation
  • Concrete curb repairs
  • Asphalt crack repair
  • Graffiti removal
  • Gutter installations and repairs
  • Catch basin and maintenance hole installation
  • Landscaping (including design, planter arrangements, litter removal etc.)
  • And More!

At ProZone, we work all-year-round, to ensure your Edmonton commercial property is in its best condition. So regardless of your parking lot’s size or season, our team is ready to assist you with your maintenance needs. If you’ve been searching for an easy and manageable way to ensure your parking lot is taken care of, trust the professionals at ProZone.

All-Year-Round Contracts

As mentioned previously, ProZone can work throughout the year on your parking lot. You can customize our yearly contracts to suit your business or property’s needs. That means no more searching for a new vendor to manage your snow removal in the winter months and a different contractor for your asphalt parking lot repair. ProZone can be your one-stop shop for concrete, asphalt, snow removal and more! With opportunities for custom add-ons, your year-round parking lot maintenance contract with ProZone can give you peace of mind. Our crew can ensure your lot is in tip-top shape. We look forward to partnering with you to provide you with the best contracting services in Edmonton. 

Your Source for Parking Lot Maintenance in Edmonton

When your parking lot needs maintenance, ProZone’s team is here for you all year round. We believe that regardless of the size of your commercial property, you should receive the highest-quality maintenance service in Edmonton. Our team uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment. That way, we can ensure that your parking lot is maintained cost-effectively and can withstand various challenges, such as environmental, heavy traffic and more! As Edmonton’s premier contractor, ProZone looks forward to partnering with you for your parking lot maintenance, new construction, and snow removal needs. 

Ready to learn more about parking lot maintenance solutions from ProZone? Contact us today!