First impressions mean a lot when it comes to attracting patrons and making them feel welcomed and safe. Your parking lot is one of the first places your customers interact with your business; if it’s not in top shape, it can leave a negative impression. In addition, parking lots left in disrepair are a safety hazard that property managers are liable for if a guest or patron gets injured while in your lot. 

What is the best way to avoid these negative impressions and ensure your customers are safe? Partner with a skilled and professional contractor like ProZone! Our team of experienced tradespeople can assist you in maintaining your parking lot, keeping it clean and aesthetically pleasing. Next, we’ll cover some of our parking lot maintenance services and how you can maximize your budget by signing up for an all-year-round contract. Keep reading to find out more!

Dependable Parking Lot Maintenance Services

The spring in Edmonton is the perfect time to inspect and begin routine maintenance on your parking lot. Regular maintenance on your parking lot can reduce the need for further, more expensive repairs or replacements, so it’s best to set a maintenance schedule and stick to it. Or enlist the help of a dependable contractor like ProZone! Our team is highly skilled and has a careful eye for details other contractors may not be able to spot. In addition, ProZone also has all the equipment necessary to patch, repair, replace, and maintain your Edmonton parking lot with ease. Some of our parking lot maintenance services include:

  • Lot Cleaning, Litter Removal, and Sweeping
  • Thermoplastic and Streetbond Line Painting and Custom Designs
  • Sidewalk Repairs and New Construction
  • Concrete Curb Repairs
  • Asphalt Repairs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Gutter Construction and Repairs
  • Catch Basin and Maintenance Hole Construction
  • Landscaping Services
  • And Much More!

At ProZone, our team works hard to ensure your Edmonton commercial parking lot is in tip-top shape. Regardless of your lot’s size or the extent of the maintenance required, our team is ready to help with all your parking lot maintenance needs. 

Get Year-Round Maintenance from ProZone!

At ProZone, you don’t have to wait until springtime to begin working on maintaining your parking lot. Our parking lot maintenance services are available all year round with a custom-fitted contract. Our year-round contracts are a great way to maximize your maintenance budget. We can add or remove several additional services to ensure our team meets your lots’ needs. Our all-year-round maintenance services can include 24/7 commercial snow removal, landscaping services, asphalt and concrete repairs, and more! So when you need reliable and professional parking lot maintenance services in Edmonton, trust the pros at ProZone! 

Ready to Partner with the Pros?

Since 2009, ProZone has provided Edmonton businesses and commercial property owners with professional and high-quality contracting services such as asphalt construction, parking lot maintenance, landscaping and more. Our team believes that big or small, all commercial and industrial properties should receive the best service available. As Edmonton’s premier contractor, the team at ProZone looks forward to partnering with you this spring for all of your parking lot maintenance needs! Contact us today to learn more.