Your parking lot is a critical piece of infrastructure for your business, patrons, and the general public. Moreover, the condition of your asphalt parking lot also reflects on the overall appearance of your business. While parking lot repairs can be costly, depending on the extent of the damage or deterioration, there are a few ways you can save money on repairs without compromising quality. As Edmonton’s premier asphalt parking lot repair contractor, ProZone proudly offers cost-effective services and all-year-round contracts. Below are a few factors that can impact the overall cost of your parking lot repairs and how to find cost-effective service. Continue reading to learn more about finding affordable parking lot repairs in Edmonton!

Consider Reputation and Experience

Reputation and experience are critical when determining which asphalt repair contractor you’ll partner with. A parking lot repair contractor in Edmonton with little experience may not be able to handle the damage to your lot correctly, which can end up costing you more. At the same time, a contractor with a less-than-stellar reputation may leave your parking lot in worse condition than what you started with. So when searching for a parking lot asphalt repair contractor, explore their overall experience and ask about their reputation. A trustworthy contractor like ProZone will have years of experience and showcase various completed parking lot repair projects on their social media, website, and elsewhere. By doing thorough research before signing any parking lot repair contract, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with a contractor with the experience and credentials to complete your project.

Determine the Scope of Your Repairs

The scope of your asphalt parking lot repairs significantly impacts your project’s overall cost. If your parking lot is in severe disrepair or requires extensive work, your budget will need to be more significant. However, when looking for a parking lot repair contractor, feel free to ask them about the scope of their services and if they offer any promotional deals or bundled services.

At ProZone, we offer all-year-round parking lot maintenance and repair contracts. That means our team will ensure your asphalt parking lot is in tip-top shape all year long by doing patchwork in the spring and summer, snow removal in the winter, and several other preventative maintenance services. By partnering with ProZone for your parking lot repairs and all-year-round services, you can save significant money on your bottom line without compromising the quality of your parking lot repairs.

Request a Quote

To thoroughly understand the overall costs of your asphalt parking lot repairs, your contractor must visit your property. At ProZone, we can send our estimator to your parking lot and determine the condition of your lot and what repairs are required. That way, not only does our team clearly understand the extent of damage to your asphalt parking lot, but you can also understand why your quote is valued at the price it is. So when your parking lot requires significant repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to ProZone and get a quote so you can begin budgeting today rather than later!

ProZone is Your Source for Parking Lot Repairs

Since 2009, ProZone has been Edmonton’s premier parking lot repair contractor. With decades of combined experience working with concrete and asphalt, ProZone has the experience, knowledge, staff, and equipment to tackle almost any parking lot repair project. In addition to our comprehensive parking lot repair services, ProZone also offers numerous other contracting services, including deals on parking lot Spring cleaning. If your parking lot looks worse for wear, now is the time to partner with the pros in asphalt parking lot repairs. Contact ProZone today to learn more about our Spring Cleanup promotion and all-year-round parking lot maintenance services.