Mother nature likes to throw curve balls almost every winter here in Edmonton. The only way to be ready for the unexpected is to be prepared well in advance. Winterizing your commercial property before the first frost hits can ensure that your property is protected from the elements. While partnering with a contractor like ProZone can make dealing with snow and ice easier throughout the winter. Our team can take the challenging snow removal work off your hands so you can better focus on your business. Below we’ll cover some ways to ensure your property is prepared for harsh winter weather this year. Keep reading to learn more!

Prep Sidewalks and Parking Lots

An easy way to prevent snow and ice build-up before a winter storm is to prep your sidewalks, parking lots, and other navigable paths and roadways with ice melt. Proactively applying ice melt to your commercial property can help deter snow and ice from accumulating and compacting, making clearing your property easier after the storm. In addition to your sidewalks and parking lots, take extra precautions when prepping outdoor stairs, accessibility ramps, and exterior doorways. Stairs and ramps will need extra attention as they can become slippery and hazardous with even a tiny layer of snowfall. Our team at ProZone can assist you with maintaining and clearing your commercial property throughout our long Canadian winters. From highly trained sidewalk crews to sanding units, commercial-grade graders and more, our team is ready to help battle whatever winter throws your way. 

Winterize Your Property Ahead of Time

Our Canadian winters are unpredictable and cold, so it’s vital that before winter hits, your property is ready to deal with whatever weather challenges come. Double-checking your roofs, gutters, plants, and drainage systems is one way you can ensure your property is winter-ready. Gutters must be clear of debris so water can drain off appropriately and prevent ice dams from forming. Burlap and snow fencing can be used to keep your landscaping safe from the elements, salts, liquid de-icers, and plowed snow. In addition, your drainage system should be in proper working order so that water doesn’t collect and cause damage to your property. These areas may require additional care, such as regular ice melt applications, heating cables (freeze protection cables), or extra snow shovelling to prevent them from freezing over or accumulating snow, ice, or water. By taking all of these precautions, your commercial property will be ready for whatever challenge winter has up its sleeve. 

Stock Up on Snow Removal Supplies

The best way to stay ahead of a winter snowstorm is to stock up on winter supplies well before the storm begins to brew. While you may not have snow blowers or commercial grade equipment ready at your disposal, having a few shovels and bags of icemelt can be handy. Suppose a light snowfall occurs, or you notice an icy patch on your property. In that case, you can quickly and efficiently address it before it becomes a safety hazard. Regularly clearing snow and spreading ice melt even while it’s still snow will help reduce the amount of snow and ice that accumulates. 

Partnering with a reliable snow removal contractor like ProZone can take this task off your plate. Our team is available 24/7 to clear snow and ice when the weather turns stormy. We are equipped with commercial-grade equipment that can tackle any snow clearing job. Along with clearing snow and ice from your commercial property, our team also does offsite hauling. So you won’t have to stress about a huge snow pile taking up vital parking lot space. At ProZone, our team can take the difficult work of keeping your property free of snow and ice off of your hands, so you have one less thing to worry about this winter. 

Be Prepared this Winter

Established in 2009, ProZone has been Edmonton’s premier snow removal contractor. Aside from our snow removal services, we also offer a range of asphalt and concrete services. So our team can assist you with maintaining, repairing and improving your commercial property year-round. At ProZone, we believe in providing our customers with outstanding service. If you’d like to learn more about our snow removal services, contact our team today!

We are excited to partner with you this winter!