Your business’s parking lot is more than a spot where patrons leave their vehicles; it’s also the space where first impressions about your business are made. If your lot is damaged, cracked, or filled with plenty of potholes, it’s going to leave your customers with a negative impression. Neglected parking lots in Edmonton are a safety issue that leaves you, the property manager, open to financial liability if a patron is injured while using your lot. 

Partnering with an experienced contractor, like ProZone, can assist you in maintaining your parking lot in top-notch condition. By working with ProZone all year round, our experts can ensure that your lot is safe for your customers and works with your budget. Below we’ll discuss more regarding why your parking lot may be deteriorating, along with advice for a regular maintenance program. Continue reading to learn more!

Why Does Deterioration Occur?

Depending on what material your parking lot is made from (asphalt, concrete, rubber paving) will change how quickly deterioration of the lot will happen. However, several other factors can contribute to your parking lot wearing down. Our harsh Canadian climate will cause the most damage to your parking lot. Your parking lot faces a lot of environmental damage, from heavy rains to hot summers and freezing winters. Even UV-rays can cause deterioration to your lot by making the surface dry and brittle! Another major factor is the amount of traffic that uses your parking lot. Suppose your lot is constantly full of heavy cars and equipment or has to deal with vehicle chemicals. In that case, it will wear down significantly faster. With so many external factors slowly wearing down the surface of your parking lot, cracks and potholes can quickly form. Water becomes a significant issue when that happens as it can exacerbate the existing problems and turn small gaps into severely damaged patches. While parking lot deterioration is inevitable, you can reduce the process by routinely maintaining and repairing your parking lot. A way to negate the decline of your lot is to do regular lot inspections; that’s where a contractor like ProZone can help, but more on that next. 

What Does a Parking Lot Maintenance Program Look Like?

If you’ve recently installed a new lot, or you’re a property manager taking over a location with a lot, it’s recommended that you outline a maintenance program ASAP. A professional contractor like ProZone can assist you during a parking lot walk-through to assess the condition of your lot. If your parking lot is new or in excellent condition, then regular crack filling and sealcoating will be more than enough to keep your lot in prime condition. However, at any point during a routine inspection, if you notice your parking lot has new cracks or damage, it’s best to step in and repair them immediately. If you ignore these issues, they can quickly become significant problems that may require a complete restoration job. At ProZone, our team of experienced tradespeople can assist you in determining what and when repairs are needed. We even offer year-round maintenance services such as parking lot snow removal and pothole repair. So if you’re looking for a manageable way to keep your lot looking its best, trust the pros at ProZone.

Go Pro for Parking Lot Maintenance

Our team at ProZone looks forward to partnering with you to keep your parking lot in tip-top shape! We believe that no matter the size of your commercial property, you should receive the best service available. That’s why ProZone offers sweeping, line painting, graffiti removal, and more, all available 24/7, all year round! As one of Edmonton’s best contractors, ProZone is proud to provide parking lot maintenance, repair, and new construction services! Our team utilizes the latest technology and highly trained professional tradespeople. That means we can offer you a cost-effective solution for your lot that can withstand our harsh Albertan climate and high traffic. 

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