As far as materials are concerned, concrete is pretty durable. This durability is why concrete is the primary material for most sidewalks and curbs in commercial and industrial parking lots and properties. However, while concrete is fairly durable, it’s not invincible to damage. Over time several factors can cause your sidewalks to degrade. Once your sidewalks degrade, further issues, including safety risks, can appear. Fortunately, ProZone is here to help you maintain and repair your sidewalks in Edmonton! Below we’ll cover some common ways sidewalks degrade and how ProZone can help repair your sidewalks so your property looks great and is safe to navigate. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Concrete Sidewalks Sink, Crack and Degrade

Fluctuating weather, like what we experience here in Edmonton, can have detrimental effects on concrete sidewalks. With hot summers and cold winters, sidewalks go through a cycle of expansion and contraction, which can cause cracks to form. This same cycle can also cause weakness in the base of the concrete, resulting in the sidewalk sinking and/or heaving. Aside from the impacts of weather, a lack of proper soil compaction can also cause concrete sidewalks to crack, sink, and heave. Many factors can influence the wear and tear of sidewalks, such as erosion from rainwater, gutter runoff, tree roots, and more. However, regardless of the cause of your sidewalk sinking, cracking, heaving, or degrading, the professionals at ProZone can easily repair your sidewalk! 

What are the Dangers of Damaged Sidewalks?

When sidewalks become damaged, they pose a serious tripping hazard. Tripping on concrete sidewalks is one of the more severe falls someone can take on your property because most people tend to fall forward when tripping. Forward falls can result in sprained wrists, injured rotator cuffs, or even broken arms as people attempt to catch themselves. As a commercial or industrial property owner, you can be held liable for these fall injuries, as your damaged sidewalks are to blame for the incident. In addition to endangering your customers, employees, or visitors, damaged sidewalks can negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Fortunately, ProZone is here to help with all your sidewalk repair needs! Our team of professional tradespeople has the skills and experience to repair, patch, seal, and replace sidewalks and other concrete surfaces. We can even repair, fix, or replace any structural damages in your sidewalks caused by water, poor installation, or inadequate design. When you need your sidewalk repaired in Edmonton, trust the pros at ProZone!

Professional Sidewalk Repair from ProZone

At ProZone, we are proud to offer a variety of concrete repair and installation services. From custom-stamped concrete and driveway repairs to trip hazard removal and sidewalk installation, our team is here to help. Our high-quality concrete production is manufactured to withstand our fluctuating Edmonton weather. In addition to our sidewalk repair services, ProZone also offers 24/7 commercial snow removal, parking lot maintenance, landscaping and more! If your sidewalks need repair, contact ProZone today!