Concrete is a strong and durable material we’ve been using for decades; however, even concrete breaks down over time. For a range of reasons we will discuss further below, concrete will deteriorate, making it vulnerable to cracking, flaking, and other damages. Fortunately, concrete cracks can be pretty straightforward to patch and repair. Partnering with a trusted and experienced contractor like ProZone can ensure your concrete is installed, maintained, and repaired to a high standard. Our team of professional tradespeople believes in providing effective concrete solutions that can withstand a range of stressors. Below we’ll discuss more on why concrete cracks. Continue reading to learn more!

Ground Movement

One of the most common reasons behind concrete cracking is that the ground underneath it has shifted. This shifting can occur for various reasons, from tree root growth to improper levelling during installation and more. When you notice cracks in your concrete, it’s best to immediately patch and seal them before they become a significant problem. Cracks in your business’s sidewalks and driveways create an eyesore and a tripping hazard. As the property manager or owner, you can be held liable for accidents because of the cracks in your concrete. At ProZone, we can assist you in maintaining and repairing your concrete. So if you notice any damages forming or are concerned about your concrete’s condition, our team is here to help!

Extreme Weather Conditions

Concrete is a well-known tough and long-lasting material. Still, our extreme Canadian weather can cause significant damage to its surface. Challenging freeze-thaw cycles and frequent rain can cause water to accumulate and form cracks. In addition, automotive chemicals and weather-related products like ice melt can cause surface damage, weakening the concrete and making it more susceptible to damage. Partnering with a reliable contractor like ProZone can ensure that your concrete is installed with our Canadian weather in mind. 

Low-Quality Materials or Irregular Mixing Ratio

Concrete contractors must be careful when selecting their mixing materials, as low-quality materials can reduce the longevity of the finished concrete. Similarly, suppose the concrete mixture consists of too much water or excessive dry cement. In that case, the installed concrete will eventually suffer from shrinkage. Shrinkage occurs when there are changes in the concrete’s moisture content; ultimately, shrinkage can result in cracks and flaking. Fortunately, ProZone’s team of experienced trade professionals is highly trained and uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure your concrete project is done correctly.

Go Pro for Concrete Repairs in Edmonton

At ProZone, we offer a wide range of concrete services. So if you’re looking for custom stamped concrete, driveway repairs, trip hazard removal, or something else, our team is here to help. Our high-quality concrete production is guaranteed to withstand our fluctuating Canadian climate. Our team can easily install your concrete anywhere you need it to be. In addition, to our concrete services, ProZone also offers 24/7 commercial snow removal, asphalt installation and repair, and so much more!

Has your concrete seen better days? Or are you looking to install a new concrete driveway? Contact ProZone today and let the pros finish your project correctly and on time!