Now that the snow has melted away and the Spring sunshine is beating down, now is the time to start cleaning your Edmonton parking lot. A clean and well-maintained parking lot reflects positively on your business. It also provides your customers and employees a safe space to leave their vehicles. Fortunately, ProZone is here to help with all of your parking lot cleaning needs! Continue reading to learn more about our parking lot cleaning services.

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Once the snow melts, you’ll likely find your commercial parking lot covered in dirt, road salt, plant debris, and garbage. If your parking lot is dirty with previously frozen debris and dirt, you’ll need to set aside some time to do a thorough cleaning. A good spring cleanup job includes:

  • Removing Rubbish
  • Sweeping
  • Clearing Your Drainage System
  • Addressing Any Uncovered Damage
  • And More

Furthermore, if you find old oil spills in your parking lot, you need to remove them as soon as possible. Oil spills and puddles may damage the environment, and extended exposure to oil can damage and degrade your asphalt parking lot. Cleaning up your parking lot can be extensive for commercial properties or businesses. That’s why you should bring in the pros at ProZone! Our team can efficiently and easily tackle your commercial property maintenance and parking lot spring cleanup with minimal business interruptions. Next are two more areas of parking lot spring cleaning that ProZone can take care of for you!

Fix Potholes and Cracks

When the temperature changes as frequently as it does here in Edmonton, potholes and cracks in your parking lot are inevitable. Once ProZone’s team removes debris from your parking lot, we can then begin patching potholes and cracks in your lot. It’s essential to address any potholes, cracks, or other damage in your parking lot well before the next winter season, as they can worsen over time. As a commercial property owner, you can be held liable for damages or injuries that occur in your parking lot due to cracks and potholes. So be proactive with cleaning your parking lot, and get ProZone’s expert team involved as soon as possible.

Line and Symbol Repainting

Due to weather and traffic, your parking lot’s lines and symbols will fade. Your parking lot lines and symbols are essential safety features for drivers and pedestrians alike. Customers rely on them to know where they can pack, which direction to drive, and where crosswalks and loading zones are. If your parking lot’s lines are faded, ProZone’s professional tradespeople can easily fix them. In addition, if you’re looking for highly durable line and symbol painting, ProZone also offers thermoplastic and streetbond services. So when planning to start your spring cleaning this season, partner with ProZone for expert parking lot cleaning in Edmonton!

Enter the ProZone for Spring Parking Lot Cleaning

Since 2009, ProZone has been the Edmonton region’s top choice for parking lot cleaning. With options for our team to maintain your parking lot all year round, it’s no wonder why ProZone is Edmonton’s premier asphalt and concrete contractor. At ProZone, our team is committed to providing outstanding service at a cost-effective price, regardless of the size of your parking lot. Ready to get started on your parking lot cleanup this season? Contact ProZone today, and don’t forget to ask us about our Spring Clean Up combined services deal!