A new paving project can significantly benefit the curb appeal of your business or commercial property. However, with so many paving companies across Edmonton to choose from, determining the best contractor for your project can take time and effort. As Edmonton’s Premier paving company, ProZone has the experience, equipment and professionalism you need to complete your paving project. Below are a few reasons municipalities and commercial property owners partner with ProZone for their paving. Keep reading to learn more about how ProZone rises above other paving companies in Edmonton.

Decades of Knowledge and Experience

When it comes to paving companies, one factor that matters most is experience. At ProZone, our highly trained and professional tradespeople have decades of combined experience. We specialize in asphalt and concrete construction and several other contracting services that municipalities and commercial property owners across Edmonton depend on. Furthermore, at ProZone, we take training and technology seriously. That’s why each team member is trained and updated on the latest paving techniques before starting your paving project. Our team is equipped with a plethora of knowledge and state-of-the-art commercial-grade paving equipment, so you can rest assured that the experts at ProZone can easily handle your project. So when searching for a knowledgeable and experienced paving company in Edmonton, turn to the pros at ProZone!

We Take Safety and the Environment Seriously

At ProZone, we take our commitment to safety and the environment very seriously. Through our numerous partnerships, certifications, and continuous training for our team, ProZone does our best to uphold high safety and environmental standards. Moreover, ProZone is doing its part to reduce our environmental impact one paving project at a time through progressive internal policies and eco-friendly paving techniques. From limiting our equipment’s idle time to recycling paving materials and more, ProZone continuously seeks opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint. Our commitment to safety and the environment makes ProZone stand out from the competition and sets us as your preferred paving company in Edmonton.

Enter the ProZone for Paving in Edmonton

Since 2009, ProZone has been Edmonton’s premier asphalt and concrete paving company. Unlike other paving companies, ProZone uses cutting-edge technology and expert tradespeople to ensure your project is completed cost-effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive paving services include concrete paving and repair, asphalt paving, and more! ProZone’s team works hard to ensure your specific paving needs are met and that your completed project can withstand our ever-changing Edmonton weather. In addition to our paving services, ProZone also offers numerous other construction services all year round! So whether you need snow removal in the winter, parking lot sweeping in the spring, asphalt paving in the summer, or concrete repairs in the fall, ProZone is ready to help!

Ready to Partner with the Pros?

When searching for a paving company in Edmonton, partner with a contractor with the experience, knowledge, and commitment to safety and the environment; partner with the pros at ProZone today! Contact us to learn more about our paving services and all-year-round contracts.