Winter weather in Edmonton can seriously affect your asphalt. Extreme cold can aggravate your asphalt’s contraction and expansion cycle and lead to cracking and other damage. Fortunately, if your asphalt is showing signs of damage, ProZone can help! We offer a range of asphalt services, including repairs, patching, painting, maintenance and more. Below we’ll cover how our Edmonton winters affect your asphalt and how our team at ProZone can help to repair your asphalt. Continue reading to find out more!

Water is to Blame

Water is the main reason paved surfaces like asphalt and concrete have problems in our Edmonton winters. Asphalt is primarily made from bitumen mixed with aggregate and sometimes water. The water in this mixture freezes in cold temperatures causing expansion and then contraction as it thaws, which can result in cracks in your asphalt.

Once the asphalt has become damaged, moisture will seep its way into any little crack it can find and saturate the material below. When that wet material in the subsurface freezes in the winter, it will also expand. The asphalt pavement is then pushed up and weakens the entire surface as temperatures increase. When the frozen material contracts, it leaves voids in the space under the asphalt’s surface. This weakened, unsupported asphalt surface will eventually collapse due to regular traffic use, resulting in potholes and more damage. 

Cold Weather also Affects the Paving Process

Asphalt is laid and rolled out in layers and then compacted with heavy machinery. This is why pathway and road construction needs to occur during the warmer months of the year when it is the optimal time for asphalt paving. Asphalt paving that is done too early or too late in the season is more susceptible to damage since cold weather impacts the compaction process.

Compaction is the process of packing down asphalt to increase its density and make it harder and more durable. Suppose this process is done during the cooler months. In that case, the asphalt mixture will cool faster, resulting in less time for proper compaction and making it more difficult for the asphalt to bind together. That’s why it’s key to partner with an asphalt contractor with the experience, knowledge, and equipment to complete your project before Edmonton’s winter weather settles in.

How ProZone Can Help!

If your asphalt is showing signs of wear and tear, now is the time to bring in the pros to repair your asphalt. Since 2009, ProZone has assisted Edmonton commercial property owners, local municipalities, and industrial sites with all of their asphalt repair needs. From structural repairs and infrared patching to crack sealing, asphalt replacement, new construction and more, ProZone is your source for high-quality asphalt services in Edmonton. So don’t wait until the damage to your asphalt gets worse; get the team at ProZone to repair your asphalt as soon as possible!

Looking for Asphalt Repairs?

Protecting your asphalt after a harsh Edmonton winter doesn’t have to be challenging. By partnering with ProZone, you’ll have a team of highly skilled tradespeople helping you maintain and repair your asphalt all year round. In addition to our asphalt repair services, ProZone is also proud to offer 24/7 commercial snow removal and landscaping services. So if you’ve spotted signs of damage on your asphalt, contact ProZone today!